Tamara Solomson & Big Bad Fly Films

Born  Northampton, Massachusetts 

Tamara Solomson is an Executive Producer, Director, and Photographer. Most recently, she helped produce “Attack of the Unknown,”  “Bridge of the Doomed Bloodthirst,” and “Death Count” created by Mahal Empire Productions, as well as television shows for Viacom, MTV, and Nickelodeon. 

With nearly two decades of experience in film, television, theater, concerts, and events, Tamara has put all of her knowledge, energy, and vision into founding Big Bad Fly Films, a company as dedicated to quality in filmmaking as it is to equality in all that entails. We are committed to the belief that greatness is best achieved through the power of collaboration and mutual respect.

Her works emphasize aesthetics, with the clarity and an uncompromising attitude towards  the art of story telling.



A.S. Entertainment Design and technology with additional courses in both film and digital photography


A.A. Liberal Arts

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